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Here are 16 fashion pieces that should be hanging in every woman’s closet for 2019. Having these items in your wardrobe will make looking stylish and put together SO much easier. Not to mention, getting ready will be a stylish snap:


Go-To Jeans for Any Day of the Week 


A staple that will go with every item in your closet AND is comfortable.


Stylish Slip-on Shoes:

For those days that you don’t even have time to brush your hair, but still want to look oh-so put together. 


Statement Bag that Exudes Your Signature Style 

You do you.


Sunglasses that Go with Everything

It just makes it so much easier to get out of the door when you are in a rush.  


A Dress You Can Wear on Any Occasion

A piece that will work for so many casual, business or more formal occasions. 


Ponte Pants

When you want to be comfy, but office dress code just won’t allow yoga pants.


Feminine Blazer

When you need to kill it with girl power. 


Cozy Cashmere Sweater 

For those days when you want to be both cozy and chic.  

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Multipurpose Cardigan

No longer something from Grandma’s closet.  


Versatile Sneakers

Because sometimes walking 5km in skinny heels just isn’t an option. 


Good Quality Cotton Tee 

A staple item that pairs with anything and will save you on countless occasions. 


A Patterned Item 

Black and white polka dots, Animal print, Color block, Scarf prints, you name it. This year pattern is the name of the game.


Trendy Trench Coat or Rain Jacket 

Its beauty is that it can make you look good no matter what you are wearing underneath. 


Silk Scarf 

Sometimes you just need that touch of sophistication. Not to mention that scarf prints are so in this season. 


Chic Tote 

There’s something about shopping with a bag like this that makes the grocery run something to look forward to. 


Looks-Good-With-Everything Boots  

No wardrobe is complete without a pair of sexy boots that can bring literally any look to the next level. 

There you have it. Fill your closet with your own versions of these 16 pieces, and you will never have ‘nothing’ to wear. 

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